Earth Day: 24 Pieces In 24 Hours

Greetings! This is a much delayed Earth Day Arts Event.
Earth Day posts will have an #EDatWB2019 tag at the end. Please use this tag when you post to your social media. Also please post these pieces to social media. They are works of love and concern, that is a beautiful thing.

Earth Day for many folks is like Passover or Christmas or an Eid or Holi or the first day of school or... that one day when one declares something unpracticed the rest of the year. A concert where "biodegradable plastic" containers are scattered far and wide and plastic bags decorate trees really changing the shrinking ozone, glaciers, flora, and animal populations?

Is one reason there is no socialised medicine in the US -not to mention an international system- that part of healthcare would become planet care? And part of planet care would become organics and food as the first medicine and lots of other things you can do in your own backyard or back porch?

I'm suggesting that destroying the profit motive of concert tickets, fast "heart healthy" food stands, a super biodegradable post petroleum processing industry, harvesting dandelions from any wild patch to make wine, or off setting ±25% of your need to earn with a small garden may conflict and be incompatible with the only economy that now exists, the war economy.

Remember, "War is not healthy for children or other living things."
But A Clean Healthy Earth, Body, and Mind is!

So here is the attempt to create something that will exist past a day of earth appreciation and serve as a space to promote thinking, its own art form and vastly unrepresented in today's world.

As the beginning of this post suggested, its become a slap-dash thing, which is entirely my doing. I've no excuse nor apology. We do what we can, and if we all worked from this centrifugal point, the world would be better.

Everyone at Washington Babylon loves you all!
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