Don’t Forget That John Podesta Is An Idiot!

Longtime Democratic Party power player John Podesta./CC BY 2.0 by NHD-INFO

Yesterday, Ken Silverstein published a very good story about President Trump’s comments about accepting dirty intel from a foreign government on the electoral opposition [read: the Democratic nominee for president in 2020]. As reliable as lice itching, liberals have screamed to the heavens that these comments mean Trump is admitting in public he is down to commit treason.

I am willing to truck with the idea that an intermediary from Russia obtained emails showing that the American media were colluding with the Clinton campaign. Whether that same actor delivered the Podesta email cache to Julian Assange at Wikileaks is still up in the air and may never be solved.

The most flagrant, stupid epistle of the Wikileaks trove was of course the infamous “Pied Piper Candidates” memo that showed the Clinton camp urging their courtiers on CNN and MSNBC to give Trump free airtime.

However, there is also the idiocy of John Podesta, who was Chair of the Clinton 2016 campaign. (For a stellar briefing on how rotten Podesta and his brother Tony are, check out this great offering from Abby Martin.) Podesta was the unwitting victim of a 2016 email phishing scam that revealed his email password to hackers. At another point the password was (I shit you not) ‘p@ssw0rd’, proving concretely that the clique of power players in Washington includes people who should never have been allowed to evolve beyond Tetris. On top of having granted email access to third-party actors via the phishing emails, he also was stupid enough to leave his cell phone in a cab in 2015. That’s three different opportunities for plenty of dubious actors that can be found in New York and Washington to take advantage of him.

In other words, Trump might have revealed unwittingly that he had some help from a foreign government in 2016.

Whether it was the Kremlin is, however, muddied not only by the aforementioned issues but also by one other fact liberals are conveniently forgetting, that Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner has a long-standing and close relationship with the most maniacal narcissist in Eurasia, Benjamin ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu. The Kushner family has ties going back decades to the Israeli Likud Party, to the point Jared once crashed on the couch while Bibi slept in the tyke’s bedroom during a stateside visit.

US Embassy Dedication Ceremony in Jerusalem, May 2018, Netanyahu on left and Kushner on right./CC BY 2.0 by US Embassy Jerusalem

Remember, Netanyahu was getting particularly pushy with Democrats prior to the 2016 election. In 2015, he infamously made an address to a joint session of Congress behind the back of President Obama in an attempt to scuttle the so-called Iran nuclear deal, a stunt that would never have been dared on a white president. Many Democrats, in a demonstration of moral clarity not seen often in the Capitol building, boycotted the speech, a slight that probably cemented the Likud-GOP alliance further, as did casino magnate Sheldon Adelson’s patronage of the Trump 2016 campaign. (Granted, Hilary Clinton was always far to the right of Obama and even allegedly considered a 2012 challenge to the incumbent, not to mention being very tight with Israeli media mogul Haim Saban, a pro-Likud hawk, but still…)

In other words, there’s more likelihood that Trump got support from the Israelis in 2016 because of how many immediate connections he has with powerful, influential Israeli hawks.

Furthermore, let’s be objective about the probable outcomes of “Russian interference” as opposed to “Israeli interference.”

If there was a serious case of Russian interference, that would mean that America has a very real and serious reason why it should continue to saber-rattle at Moscow, militarize at the Great Bear’s borders via NATO expansion, and support anti-Russian governments in countries like Ukraine and Georgia. All those outcomes equal massive military contracts for our domestic weapons producers. RussiaGate has succeeded over the past three years in drafting unwitting liberals into a hyper-militarist panic that mimics the absolute worst parts of the old Cold War. Also, let’s be honest, Russia is still a third world country and their intelligence services therefore are nowhere as sophisticated as the United States’.

By contrast, Israeli interference would be a huge PR fiasco unseen in decades. Remember, Israel is a major patron of the American weapons industry and sucks up tons of foreign aid. There’s also an established record of Israeli espionage in the US, the most famous case probably being that of Jonathan Pollard. Their intelligence agencies, by contrast, are in the top tier of the entire world.

If liberals were made to think that Donald Trump was elected president with help from Israel, that might be one of the final nails in the coffin of the liberal love-fest with the Jewish state.

The divorce of American liberalism from Zionism has been a slow-moving but steady process over the past decade. A political bombshell like that would probably finalize things then and there for many American Jews. The reason why is pretty simple: Except for African Americans, American Jews are one of the most left-leaning political blocs of the Democratic Party voter base and in America. They support abortion rights, Affirmative Action, LGBTQIA+ rights, and just about everything else that the Trump administration seems to be launching a full-frontal assault upon.

Zionism and Israel would overnight be embroiled in a controversy that would be next to inescapable.

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