Does Tulsi Gabbard Have a Messiah Complex?

Screen shot from a Tulsi Gabbard campaign ad

Does Tulsi Gabbard have a messiah complex?

Why wouldn’t she? She wants to be the president, right? Isn’t that enough? Moreover, she grew up in a cult — that’s got to mess with one’s sense of political “leadership.” And, as everyone knows, all political categories are ultimately theological ones. But what really gives it away is the imagery at the end of her campaign ad. A screen shot of it is above. But if you’d like to see it for yourselves, here it is:

Maybe you like Tulsi. Many do — whether or not they are familiar with her ties to Hindu ultra-reactionaries; and, in spite of her anti-war stances, her deep militarism — not to mention her support of Israel and their unconscionably racist policies, and her dubious relationship to Christian groups in the US.

I don’t want to get into any of that. Search engines can help you if you want to learn more. I just think it’s weird that she uses this blatantly messianic imagery. Don’t you?

No wonder all those right wingers love her.

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