Did Teneo Employee Hack Clinton Emails: Actually, according to Chelsea, it looks like he did


I’m a bit rushed today with some non-journalism business but here is a very little noted Podesta email that is quite remarkable. In it, Chelsea Clinton makes a number of rather stunning allegations. Let’s put them together and then we can add them up:

—Ilya physically saw/caught Justin a couple of days ago reading his bberry and loading the same spyware onto his computer that he loaded onto Bari’s computer

—Multiple people shared with me how upset they were at hearing how Justin referred to my father in the last week – in very derogatory ways widely sadly

—Oscar told my father he knows Justin reads his emails.

—My father was told today of explicit examples at CGI of Doug/ Teneo pushing for – and receiving – free memberships – and of multiple examples of Teneo ‘hustling’ business at CGI.

So here’s what we know from that email, and from other information that’s been previously released, and from a few phone calls I’ve made:

A, Chelsea Clinton does not like Doug Band.

B, Doug Band used to be close to the Clintons but now is very, very angry with the Clintons.

C, Justin Cooper is a former Senior Advisor to President Bill Clinton who helped set up Hillary’s private email system. He doesn;t seem to care much for the Clintons either. Also, oh yeah, he was spying on Clinton Foundation employees and reading their emails.

D, Cooper went on to become a Senior Advisor to Doug Band’s Teneo Holdings.

E, Through Cooper, Doug Band had access to confidential Clinton Foundation emails that could be damaging and embarrassing if he were to choose to reveal them.

F, Vlad Putin might have illicitly obtained Clinton emails. A 400-pound loser might have, too. If Chelsea Clinton is to be trusted, Justin Cooper definitely did.

G, Draw your own conclusions and have a great weekend!



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