Did Chelsea Pay For Her Wedding With Foundation Money? Can't wait for liberal outrage


Hillary’s liberal supporters and bedwetters have been outraged by reports that Donald Trump used money from his foundation on a portrait of himself, to settle legal problems and for other distinctly non-charitable uses. I don’t blame them, it’s pretty outrageous.

So I expect they are really going to be pissed with this latest Podesta email — if true — which suggests that Chelsea Clinton used Clinton Foundation money to pay for her wedding, her “life for a decade” and to pay “taxes on money from her parents.”

Here’s a photo album from the “sumptuous wedding, when Chelsea married Marc Mezvinsky, the son of a white collar criminal and the guy¬†who cleaned up with a hedge fund in Greece that lost 90 percent of investors’ money. Guess he and the bride’s parents were a little bit short of cash.




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