Democrats Sic the Hyenas on Rep. Ilhan Omar


Well well, that didn’t take long at all…

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar official portrait/Public Domain

Proving that she is neither one for grace nor subtlety, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and a cadre of blowhards decided on February 11, 2019 to demonstrate they are complete hypocrites and tone-deaf fools by publicly shaming and blaming a perfectly capable and competent Black migrant Muslim woman elected official in public because, well, said Black Muslim elected official made a well-duh level comment on Twitter about the most undeniable and uncontroversial (yet simultaneously unutterable) truism in American politics, that the Israel lobby has a tremendous war chest that it uses to exert tremendous influence in Washington.

Vive la Résistance®!

Michelle Goldberg, aiming to continue the demonstration of her singular talent, bloviating about absolutely nothing at all with pretensions to the contrary, offered a mind-numbingly idiotic screed in the reliably-banal New York Times in which she claimed that, somehow, a Black Muslim immigrant was doing a favor for neo-Nazis by merely stating something that is as obvious as Goldberg’s lack of talent. Michelle’s finest line, for me, came at the end when she scribbled “Personally, I’m happy to accept her apology. Progressive American Muslims and Jews should be natural allies; our mutual future depends on deepening this country’s embattled commitment to multiethnic democracy.” Use the comments section below, Dear Readers, to come up with a synonym for the adjective I select to describe those lines: obnoxious.

The fact that these Democrats, who still have never apologized for their support of the pillage and plunder of Iraq, have the audacity to use the other side of their mouth to claim they somehow are leading a viable resistance to the march of the Trumpian black shirts (which of course, per the Morris Dees playbook, ends with a bid to SEND CAMPAIGN DONATION CHECKS NOW!) would make for a great skit, Monty Python’s Partisans, if it were not so ghastly and racist.

Being the contrarian cynic in the Babylon Bungalow, I do have a certain lack of surprise in all this. For months now, I have been the one saying that the only useful thing to be done with the Democratic Party would be for some firebrand to blowtorch it all to the ground in the fashion that President Trump destroyed the GOP. Back in 2015, at the start of the Bernie-Bonanza, Jeffrey St. Clair mused “How can this party be saved? Why should it?” DING! If this episode doesn’t provide progressives the James Joyce-styled epiphany, what will?

For those who are still unclear, here is what all the fuss actually is about:

Produced by Media Education Foundation.

Women of color standing up for the rights of the Palestinians is a deeply admirable and impressive moment to recognize as an act that demonstrates two things:

  1. We’re in a moment of political upsurge that is moving well beyond the margins of what was acceptable even 5 years ago under Obama, who oversaw two massacres in Gaza; and
  2. The stranglehold of the Israel lobby is openly being challenged.

Remember, this is not the first moment this year where this sort of noise is being made, it actually is the fourth by my count. First we had Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib spark a controversy by indicating Palestine exists on a map and then proposing to lead a Congressional delegation to the country as opposed to an AIPAC-sponsored trip. Then Michelle Alexander, the author of the bestselling The New Jim Crow, authored an opinion piece in the New York Times for the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday about breaking the silence about this issue. Now comes this episode. Something is changing…

Regardless of where you stand on other aspects of this issue, it is clear that Pelosi and her goons are being racist monsters here. Here’s a petition I created telling them to apologize. It probably won’t go far but, well, screw Nancy Pelosi.

We’ll keep on this story as it develops…

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