Clinton Surrogate Ran Business That Allegedly Moved Dirty Money Into Florida


I have a story today in the New York Observer that looks at Freddy Balsera, a leading surrogate and fundraiser for Hillary Clinton who ran a business with an Argentine businessman, Carlos Molinari, who has been indicted for moneylaundering. The two men founded a company called Global Development Consultants that Argentine prosecutors believe funneled dirty money directly into the United States.

Balsera is a director of Correct The Record, a Super PAC that attacks Hillary’s critics. For example, it heavily promoted the “Bernie Bros” meme, which suggested that  Sanders’ supporters were a bunch of deplorable misogynists. Incidentally, Correct the Record was created by David Brock, the professional propagandist who also set up Media Matters — another Clinton attack vehicle that protects its Supreme Leader in the same way that North Korea’s Central News Agency defends Kim Jong-un.

Brock and his propaganda vehicles — which Podesta emails show closely coordinate, almost certainly illegally, with Hillary’s campaign — have been furiously promoting stories about Donald Trump’s awful remarks about women. That’s certainly an important story but Brock doesn’t really have a lot of credibility when it comes to women. During Bill Clinton’s years as president, when he was a Republican hatchet man, he famously labeled Anita Hill —  the woman who accused Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment — of being “a little bit nutty and a little bit slutty.”

The fact that a close ally of Hillary Clinton’s ran a company with a crooked foreign businessman accused of moving dirty money into Florida seems to me to be a notable story. I’m sure it would be if a Trump political ally were involved with foreign crooks — witness the furor a few months back when his then campaign manager, Paul Manafort, was creamed for doing business with a crooked regime in Ukraine.

Anyway, one of the more frustrating things about this election as a reporter is that facts don’t matter to many readers (or editors). If you’re for Trump you don’t want to hear anything negative about him and if you’re for Clinton she’s above reproach.

Balsera did very well under Obama — he raised a lot of money for him too — and he’s going to do very well under Hillary. As is the case with many of Hillary’s allies and advisors, his involvement in her campaign does not inspire a lot of confidence about Hillary’s coming administration.


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