Clinton Foundation profiting off AIDS victims: Yet again, this time in the South Pacific


Read this great item by Michael Smith, about the Clinton Foundation’s horrifying conduct in Papua New Guinea. Here’s a lightly edited excerpt:

By the mid-2000s PNG had a raging HIV/Aids epidemic, with TB outbreaks closely following. The proximity of our two countries made PNG’s problem Australia’s problem too. And Australia budgeted hundreds of millions of dollars to fight it. 

When he launched Australia’s partnership with the Clinton Foundation in February 2006, Australia’s Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said: ‘Our partnership with the Clinton Foundation will build on the Foundation’s impressive track record to provide practical assistance with procurement, supply chains and health system strengthening’.”

Alexander Downer turned to the Clinton Foundation HIV/Aids Initiative Inc apparently because he believed their PR. The “Foundation’s impressive track record providing practical assistance with health system strengthening” turned out to exist only in marketing brochures.

As at February 2006, the Clinton Foundation’s climate change, global initiative, carbon-accounting and HIV/Aids operation in the Asia Pacific region had a total staff of one – Ruby Shang.

Ruby wasn’t overly taxed, because beyond invoicing, the Clinton Foundation didn’t actually do much. In between boning up on HIV epidemiology and counting carbon, Ruby was also able to hang on to a full time job running the Caterpillar earthmoving dealership in Vietnam.

It gets worse. Read it all.



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