CIA Whistle Blower on McCarthyism & Winnie Wong. Tina-Desiree Berg on the Lobbyists Stoking the "Red Scare"


John Kiriakou on CIA Whistle Blowing, McCarthyism & Winnie Wong – Tina-Desiree Berg on Foreign Lobbyists Stoking the “Red Scare”

Part 1: John Kiriakou – CIA Whistleblowing, Neo-McCarthyism & Free Speech
John Kiriakou, is the CIA whistle-blower who was at the center of the Torture Leak Case. He is a best-selling author and radio show host. For more information about John go to his website

In his interview with Washington Babylon Editor Ken Silverstein and host Monique Miles he talks about his time as a CIA whistleblower and the resurgence of Neo-McCarthyism in the United States.

Kiriakou says that the fear of a red planet has extended beyond the usual suspects and extended to the left wing of politics in the United States. Kiriakou talks about his experience with Winnie Wong, co-founder of the progressive organization, People for Bernie, who refused to appear on a recent panel with John to avoid “guilt by association.” Kiriakou speculates why in the interview.

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Find John on Twitter @JohnKiriakou

Ex-CIA whistleblower @JohnKiriakou was removed from a European Parliament panel at the urging of People for Bernie Sanders.

Part 2: Tina-Desiree Berg – Talks Foreign Lobbyists, Politics, Philosophy

Tina-Desiree Berg is an actress, activist, Masters of Philosophy & international woman of mystery. As a public policy advocate she has worked on many issues including human trafficking (AB2810 in California), homelessness, civil rights, microbicides/HIV prevention, affordable housing, and health related concerns. She was the producer for PBS’s Change the Menu, co-host of the Luscious Lefties Podcast, and host of The 34th Podcast.

In her interview with Washington Babylon Editor Ken Silverstein and host Monique Miles she talks about the foreign lobbyists that are pushing the anti-Russia narrative on behalf of foreign governments.

Read Tina’s most recent piece on Washington Babylon here.

Find John on Twitter @TinaDesireeBerg

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