Cash ‘N Go: Trump-linked Pro-Israel Super PAC Apparently Skips Town After Raising Money to Pay Insiders


During the 2016 election, self-described social media expert Jason Sullivan worked with Roger Stone to allegedly promote Donald Trump’s campaign. Sullivan got paid from a Stone Super PAC, the Committee to Restore America’s Greatness.

The PAC’s entire mission was to work in support of Trump’s candidacy, and it raised almost $600,000. Of that amount, it spent a mere $16,000 on expenditures supporting Trump’s campaign. The rest went to the usual political hangers-on that found and run these “independent” PACs.

Even then-Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski described the Committee to Restore America’s Greatness as a “big league scam.”
Stone, Trump’s political advisor who got fired in August 2015, was able to use the super PAC to raise substantial funds before closing it in January 2017. “He used a significant portion of those funds to pay for legal fees and travel,” reported It said the PAC also shelled out $137,000 to Citroen Associates, owned by Stone associate named John Kakanis, for “voter fraud research and documentation.”

Sullivan only received $3,000 for “consulting” from the group, but apparently learned the utility of Super PACs. Late last year he founded American Pro-Israel PAC, (APIP), which works to elect candidates who “embrace the Judeo-Christian worldview and support the Nation of Israel as America’s closest ally.”

The Palm Beach Daily News reports that the group held three fundraisers at Mar-a-Lago earlier this year, including one that Trump attended. It has another scheduled for November in New York.

Tickets cost $199 and $599 for donors who want to attend a VIP reception with a special, unidentified guest. There are a number of other options for those wanting to take part, including $249 to “Sponsor a Holocaust Survivor” and the top-of-the-line “King David Spononsorship, for $750,000. That gives donors the right to ten tickets, plus a “Solid Color Platinum Full Page Ad, VIP Reception, Photos & Preferential Seating.” However, the precise location for the even is undisclosed.

Sullivan’s mother is listed as the treasurer of the Super PAC.  Its address is the office of a solo practitioner in the Dallas suburb of Hurst, Texas.  The treasurer’s address, however, is a mailbox in a Cash ‘N Go store near a a Chuck E. Cheese in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

here’s little know about APIP at this point because it seems to have skipped town without filing a number of required reports with the Federal Election Commission, and stiffing vendors.

It’s not clear how much APIP raised overall, but its first Federal Election Commission report covering less than two months of operations in 2018 showed it had about $160,000 on hand. Its major expenses were related to board compensations and travel for board members. Trump supporter Ramiro Pena of Christ the King Church in Waco, Texas took in over $30,000 for compensations and travel. Sullivan took in more than $10,000. Pena once said “God has his hand on Donald Trump” and is a vocal supporter of Trump’s hard-line stance on border security. Pena also received $6,329 for travel. Mar-a-Lago got paid at least $38,000.

These Super PACs are a dime a dozen. With an impeachment inquiry kicked off, look for Scam PAC operators from both parties to be raising tons of cash, since the FEC barely regulates them. Cash ‘N Go indeed.

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