Canard du Jour: Why Muslims generally want to kill lots of white people, according to alt-right fake news sites


Believe it or not, there’s a philosopher and academic named Mohammed Abed who openly calls for white people to be exterminated — at least a story recently trending on various alt-right news sites claims he does. A representative example of the genre comes from Ethan Huff of Natural News, who wrote a story last month with the headline, “Muslim professor says genocide against Whites is ‘morally required’ … and yes, he works at a California university.”

Huff’s piece stands out from the stiff competition thanks to a bit of terror-baiting he throws in for good measure. “A radical Islamic terrorist is currently employed as a college instructor at California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA),” his story begins. “His name is Mohammed Abed.” The piece was tagged with the following phrases: Alt-Left, campus insanity, discrimination, genocide, heritage assault, islamic, Libtards, Mohammed Abed, race wars, radical, terrorist.

“Abed breaks down his argument by deconstructing the reader’s assumed belief that massacring large numbers of people is a bad thing,” according to Huff, and by using the Confederacy “as an example of the types of white folks that he [Abed] thinks need to be mass murdered.” [Emphasis mine.]

That’s not what Abed actually wrote, naturally. And that’s also not what the article that Huff cites as his source says. Huff just made that up, because it was necessary to help convince readers that Muslims generally want to kill lots of white people.

Abed’s essay is, in fact, an attempt to redefine genocide. (The purpose of the attempt is never clearly stated.) Regarding the standard definition, Abed writes: “I do not think that any widely recognized historical instance of the phenomenon was morally excusable.”

So Abed is opposed to genocide as everyone understands it, which isn’t exactly a controversial position. And it certainly doesn’t make him seem like a Christian-exterminating Muslim maniac, so Huff has to claim that Abed said the very opposite of what he actually said.

Abed’s proposes widening the meaning of genocide beyond mass murder by also including “campaigns of social destruction.” As an example of “social destruction,” he cites the abolition of slavery in the American South, and Huff actually quotes him accurately on that:

“Because the kidnapping, enslavement, and lifelong exploitation of innocent human beings was a constitutive and thus ineliminable feature of the life led by many Southern whites, annihilating their way of life was a moral imperative. The right course of action was to strip them of an identity that gave meaning to their lives.”

Huff got that quote from an article by Christina Laila, published August 9 on The Gateway Pundit website, under the headline “Muslim Professor at CA University: ‘Genocide’ of White Racists ‘Morally Required.'”

Christina Laila got that quote from an article by David Cole, published August 8 on a website called Taki’s Magazine, under the headline “Morally Required Genocide.” David Cole got the quote from Abed’s essay, which can be downloaded from the internet for free by anyone who wants to know what it really says.

So who is David Cole? 

The Guardian has called him “a reviled Holocaust revisionist who questioned the existence of Nazi gas chambers.” In 1998, after having a bounty placed on his head by the ultra-right fanatic and aspiring terrorist Irv Rubin, Cole faked his death and, under his new name “David Stein,” began making “respected documentaries on the Holocaust” (instead of denying it). He also founded an organization called “Republican Party Animals,” which “drew hundreds to regular events in and around Los Angeles, making him a darling of conservative blogs and talk shows.”

He was also a member of the secretive Hollywood neocon fundraising group “Friends of Abe,” founded by actor and current Rose Parade Grand Marshal, Gary Sinise. Its membership of about 1,500 celebrities ranges from elderly A-Listers like Clint Eastwood to whatever Kelsey Grammer is.

Stein’s ex-girlfriend (and Friend of Abe) outed him as Cole in 2013. “For 15 years I have been David Stein,” he told The Guardian at the time. “Now the genie is out of the bottle. I’m done. I’m finished. I’m not going to try to remain as David Stein.”

Since reverting to his true identity, Cole has attempted to revive his Holocaust-revisionist career. “The best guess is yes, there were gas chambers,” he told The Guardian. “But there is still a lot of murkiness about the camps. I haven’t changed my views.” Fortunately for Cole, Irv Rubin was no longer trying to kill him, having died in jail after plotting to blow up a mosque.

Cole told his story in a 2014 confessional memoir, Republican Party Animal: The “Bad Boy of Holocaust History” Blows the Lid Off Hollywood’s Secret Right Wing UndergroundHis most recent literary effort is the article he wrote on Abed’s essay, which he accurately represented, because he agrees with it.

“Professor Abed’s thesis should be taken seriously,” Cole writes. “I am all in favor of expanding the definition of genocide as Abed has,” because it is “exactly the kind of ‘genocide’ the indigenous whites of Europe face today,” referring to the “millions of Muslim immigrants streaming into Europe, displacing the indigenous whites, altering their way of life, and redefining their identity.”

In other words, the ones committing “genocide” are those fleeing from Muslim terrorists, barbaric regimes, and other horrors unleashed by Western invaders in 2003. This according to Holocaust revisionist David Cole, using Mohammed Abed’s definition, which alt-right writers like Huff got third-hand from someone else, before adding their own distortions.

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