In a team-up for the ages, the mighty Eileen Jones of Filmsuck and I get a damned fine cup of coffee and discuss what I think could be one of the greatest movies of the 1990s, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. I play the useful idiot, mouthing mindless fanboy blather that tries to “explain” everything down to minute detail. Eileen reflects on her thirty-plus years love affair with David Lynch and how the Twin Peaks experience is much richer when you embrace the director’s beautiful ambiguity.

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Nearly three decades ago, most American film critics trashed Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. The fact they were simultaneously wetting their pants over the shallow and blatantly transphobic Silence of the Lambs is perhaps the greatest irony of this fiasco.

NY Times film critic Vincent Canby: “It’s not the worst movie ever made; it just seems to be.”

Rolling Stone‘s Peter Travers: “Though the movie ups the TV ante on nudity, language and violence, Lynch’s control falters.”

Variety‘s Todd McCarthy: “Clearly, there is no suspense involved in this story with a preordained outcome. Another significant drawback is that Laura Palmer, after all the talk, is not a very interesting or compelling character and long before the climax has become a tiresome teenager.”

And so I ask, why should we mourn the demise of professional newspaper film criticism? How did these idiots ever have so much influence over the critical, financial and popular success of movies?


We watched the Criterion Collection edition of the movie. If you watch an older DVD or a version predating the 2017 Criterion Collection’s DVD/Blu-Ray edition of the film, there will be a minor misalignment between the film and audio track. This should last no more than 10 seconds and won’t detract from the A/V experience in any significant way.


This is an .MP3 track that does not contain any proprietary material owned by CIBY Pictures, New Line Cinema, David Lynch, or the Criterion Collection. It is created as an independently-recorded Audio Commentary Track that can be played simultaneous with Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992, dir. David Lynch). This is not a pirated copy of the film. We encourage you to obtain the film through legal means. This recording in no way is an endorsement of copyright violation and should not be construed as such.

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