Buy Andrew Stewart’s Frightening New H.P. Lovecraft-Themed Short Story Today!


A Chilling Tale, Ripped from the Headlines!

Based on the Writings of HP Lovecraft!

Sale Monies Will Be Donated to Immigration Solidarity Activists in RI!

Bring the Children Home, Lord Cthulhu connects various oppressions – white racism, classism, patriarchy, heteronormativity, and anti-immigration – in a way that reveals how they all depend upon one another to sustain themselves. The story smartly illustrates, as black radical feminists have argued since the 19th century, that intertwined forces of oppression and how these process create the material for their own demise – immigrant children. This story is unique in that it simultaneously centers the voices of oppressors and the oppressed in an effort to give voice to their experiences, knowledge, perspective of the oppression machine known as Cthulhu (aka the United States).” –Dr. Johnny Eric Williams, Trinity College

Purchase E-Book Pack (.ZIP of PDF/EPUB/MOBI) for $3!

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Alliance to Mobilize Our Resistance (AMOR)!

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