Breaking: Trump is Dropping Out of the Race! Uh, sorry, Hillary Bros but that’s not gonna happen


There’s recently been a media/celebrity thread arguing that Donald Trump is going to drop out of the presidential race because he knows he can’t win. That’s why, it is said, he’s been yelling and screaming about how rigged the election is.

Variants of this story have been published by Politico, the New York Times and many other outlets. On Monday, Vanity Fair published a story about a recent segment by John Oliver. “The crux of Oliver’s argument looks a lot like the argument Seth Meyers made in June (which itself was similar to something South Park said long before that),” the magazine wrote:

“Trump has no desire to actually serve as president, a job that would require him to live in government housing and spend his days ‘conversing with fully clothed women.’ But losing the race to Hillary Clinton wouldn’t solve the candidate’s problem, Oliver said, because it would be a horrific, “brand-destroying” embarrassment for a man who prides himself on his “winning temperament”—especially since he’d be losing to someone who’s been deemed particularly untrustworthy by the American people.”

I hate to break it you Hillary Bros, but it’s not going to happen. Disclosure: I could be wrong about this, like every other speculative opinion I offer, but I seriously doubt it.

Here’s why: Trump is very likely going to lose, but if he does he’s going to argue that he was robbed of victory by Crooked Hillary. Hillary is in fact Crooked and the DNC helped her immensely in winning the nomination, but the truth is that Trump is probably going to lose because he’s a terrible candidate and because of basic political realities. (I’ll have a new article about this going up shortly.)

Anyway, Trump knows he’s going to lose but he’s going to see this through to the end because if he drops out beforehand he’s going to be known forever as a quitter and a loser. If he stays in and loses, he’s going to be a loser but he’ll claim, as he’s already doing, that he was cheated of victory so he’s not a loser after all.

Trump is such a raving narcissist that he’ll probably believe his own spin and, even scarier, so will many of his supporters. So, to end, the media will have Donald Trump to kick around, at least through early November, even as it goes easy on Crooked Hillary.

(By the way, I didn’t link to the New York Times story because the Times routinely steals story without credit to other outlets and journalists, like me from time to time. So I’m not going to stoop to its level but I’m only going to link to its stories when absolutely necessary.)

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