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Washington Babylon is generally a political, broadly defined, website but I sometimes write about sports because it’s highly political, and reveals the fundamental racism that plagues our society. Take, for example, Colin Kaepernick, whose mural in Atlanta was destroyed a few days ago.

Or to take another example, Marshawn Lynch, who a few years ago would have won the Seattle Seahawks a Super Bowl except his idiot white coach, Pete Carroll, didn’t want to see him score a 1-yard TD — and grab his crotch in the end zone because Lynch makes white people nervous — so he instructed Russell Wilson, another of my favorite players, to throw an ill-advised pass that was intercepted.

But this is not the time to write about institutionalized racism and I intend to keep this short. Today I intend to write about the upcoming, in a few hours, “Super Bowl.” I expect a Boston area team to win because a number of its key figures are white, including right-wing, pro-Trump owner Robert Kraft, but especially two others:

—The team’s crooked QB — whose crimes date to the 2001 “Tuck Rule,” which was created for him and saved a playoff game against the Raiders or he would not have won his first Super Bowl, and continue beyond the DeflateGate scandal, which he clearly was in on.

—The team’s coach, whose father coached college football at Navy and used spies to scout opposing teams back then so it’s in his son’s blood, and who — now I’m talking about the team’s current coach — cheated so flagrantly that the NFL had to take note. I refer to the famous “Spy Gate scandal.”

In general, the NFL has become a joke. it doesn’t even bother hiding the fact anymore that the games are rigged. Two weeks ago the Saints were robbed of a victory by the refs. Even the Rams’s defensive back on flagrantly and illegally hit the Rams wide receiver in the game’s waning moment and said he did it because “I was beat.”

Becauae NFL has become a joke, sort of like wrestling when I was a kid. It was painful and real athletisims but phony and rigged. There can now longer be any doubt, nor has there been for some time, about fundamental fraud being perpetrated on the fans.

The Chiefs were screwed just as badly against the team I most detest, during a run of about eight bad calls by the refs in the fourth quarter. There’s no point in going through all of them. I’ll just say the two most obvious were the ridiculous roughing the passer call against the Chiefs and on a neutral zone infraction that occurs thousands of times a season but that is never called and which in this case allowed a drive against the Chiefs to continue.

I suspect that the NFL had the camera lined up to take a picture of the neutral zone infraction all game and only planned to have the refs call a penalty if it was desperately needed to bail out the Chiefs’s opponent. It was and they did.

I’m not saying that the team I hate is talentless. They are good and their coach is smart but they also cheat. It’s also obvious that the whole team, and especially the QB, who can barely throw a ball 20 yards anymore, is over the hill and that they are only in the playoffs this year — like in many past years — because they play in the NFC East, the league’s weakest division. And they lost to the Chiefs and should be out already, this should have been a Chiefs-Saints game.

That would have been a Super Bowl and not a rigged bowl. I love both of those teams and am not sure who I would have rooted for. I sort of prefer the Saints and Alvin Kamara and Drew Brees — who like Russell Wilson is a far better QB, this year and historically — then the cheating joke who plays for the team I hate most. But my father is from Kansas City and he and my son root for the Chiefs so I may have. It’s a great team — other than its idiot coach Andy Reid — and I really love the joy and beauty of Patrick Mahomes.

As far as today’s game I expect the NFL and the refs to insure that the team I hate most wins because that team is over the hill and not even God himself, though I doubt he exists, can get their QB to another Super Bowl next year, no matter how much the league cheats for him. So that piece of shit will go out a “hero.” Hollywood couldn’t tell a more cornball and bullshit story.

The Rams only hope is Todd Gurley, though it looks like he may not play much. (Weird.) He’s one of the great RBs and he could wreak havoc. But my guess is that if he gets the Rams ahead by too much, the NFL has a sniper in the stands who will take him out.

As for me, I’m out. I’m boycotting the Sucker Bowl and going to a Shisha bar. I told my son to let me know if the Rams are up 50 with under a minute left, in which case I’ll turn the game on, but I’m not optimistic and frankly, I don’t really care.

I checked out of the NFL this year after the games two weeks ago when it became obvious the fix was in. Sports is political, as I said, and Emperor NFL, like the U.S. Empire, is naked and has no clothes. Everyone knows it, it’s time to do something about it.

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