Are the Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, and Clinton Foundation Supporting #ReopenAmerica Protests?

Paging Alex Jones!


In a dialectical sense, yes and no…

Can we draw a direct line between these austere organizations, the focus of right wing conspiracy theories for decades, and the recent episodes of hillbilly mass suicide attempts? Maybe, maybe not…


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But do each of these noble groups function as the public face for finance capital’s liberal wing, a formation that in sum toto absolutely desires to reopen the FIRE industry and our neo-feudal debtor’s economy? Undeniably!

Let’s start with the Trilateral Commission, founded in 1973 by David Rockefeller. A ghastly mutant of a man, he spent decades obsessing over Malthus-inspired methods of population control for the working class, failing to understand that, if there is one population requiring reduction, it is his own cohort dynastic Global Northern oligarchs. Would a campaign of grassroots biological warfare such as these astro-turfed #Reopen campaigns fit into his maniacal matrix? It might be a little less organized than he would prefer. But his familial connections to the fossil capitalist Koch enterprises, who bear direct responsibility for these not-too-spontaneous flash mobs according to a recent report by Lisa Graves, should bear certain merit. The 1996 masterpiece of muckraking Thy Will Be Done: The Conquest of the Amazon: Nelson Rockefeller and Evangelism in the Age of Oil by Gerard Colby and Charlotte Dennett demonstrated that the family maintained deep connections with the same coterie of Evangelicals that the Republican Party and its auxilliaries have built a base within since the anti-Equal Rights Amendment campaign of the 1970s.

A quick glimpse at the list of Bilderberg guests (these are really annual summits held in varying locales as opposed to a formal cabal akin to the Masons) hailing from the United States reveals a roster of reprobates responsible for the multi-decades misery of working Americans under the bipartisan neoliberal regime. Ghouls like Tim Geithner and Dick Gephardt, killers like Henry Kissinger and the Clintons, and reactionaries like Condoleeza Rice, Wilbur Ross, and Robert Rubin. These are the vanguard partisans of a project to pulverize the proletariat by any means necessary, including the maintenance of our despicable health insurance system and its reciprocal, the nationwide public health infrastructure. The bipartisan nature of this list (not to mention the number attendance of Trump administration members like Ross, H.R. McMaster and Jared Kushner) makes the connection a bit more fungible. But regardless, the totality of American attendees spent the past 20 years preparing the ground for the COVID-19 pandemic by maintaining a state of affairs whereby brutally blockaded Cuba has a lower infant mortality rate than our country.

The Clinton Foundation is the most organizationally-shallow of the three. It functions as little more than an influence peddling machine for those seeking favor from the Clintons. As Ken Silverstein demonstrated in his brilliant reporting five years ago, the Foundation worked in tandem with Hillary Clinton while serving as Secretary of State. Patrons include those blessed suffragettes, the House of Saud, and various tin-pot dictatorships that had favorable outcomes for international initiatives involving the Obama administration. (Incidentally, President Obama donated some of his Nobel Peace Prize money to the Foundation’s vile efforts in Haiti, which fostered an inadvertent outbreak of cholera due to bungled sanitation protocols.) The public health administration paradigm that the Foundation proliferates as part of its endeavors are intended to open and maintain markets benefiting our repulsive for-profit pharmaceutical industry, one which has gallons upon gallons of blood upon its hands owing to its pursuit of profits over human lives (cf. Shkreli, Martin) and which is actively lobbying to hinder COVID vaccine/cure development and low-cost proliferation in the name of getting a cut. The Clinton Foundation has partnered in HIV/AIDS treatment efforts with Gilead, a corporation that was seeking to maintain proprietary control of a drug being researched as a COVID-19 treatment until public pressure forced them to reverse course.

Finance capital is not a distinctly divided polity in the same way that the voter base is. Regardless of whether the Republican or Democrat loses in an election at any level, they always win. The behavior of the Koch and Mercer families in financing the ascendancy of first the Tea Party and then Donald Trump alongside media outlets like Breitbart and alt-right base elements is a bit aberrant in contrast with the majority of their class mates, who spent the past thirty years building consensus support for austerity via a crass and manipulative multicultural (but still simultaneously racialized) capitalism. Yet despite this contrast, there is very little in the grand scheme of their behavior and goals that differentiates their liberal, conservative, and now adamantly white nationalist front groups.

As a result, we are all just a bunch of suckers for allowing ourselves to be pitted against each other.

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