Biden’s Afghanistan Blunder: The War is Over. The U.S. Lost. The Taliban Won. Admit it and Get Out on 5/1, not 9/11.

Yeah, I know that's not going to happen but Trump's plan was better.


President Joe Biden announced yesterday that the United States will withdraw all American forces, now numbering about 2,500, from Afghanistan by September 11. That date was clearly chosen for symbolic effect, as it will mark “the 20th anniversary of the deadliest terrorist attacks against America, which were coordinated from Afghanistan,” as the Associated Press put it.

Or, as I’d put it, the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks that provided the George W. Bush administration with a long sought reason to overthrow Saddam Hussein, thereby leading to the biggest national security and foreign policy debacle of modern times. (I hate that term “terrorist attack” because of the way it’s manipulated to stoke fear and feed the military-industrial complex, but it’s clearly accurate, whether you view 9/11 as blowback or not, in regards to strikes that killed some 3,000 civilians.)

“It is time for American troops to come home,” Biden said, adding, in the words of the AP, that “the U.S. cannot continue to pour resources into an intractable war and expect different results.”

Biden’s speech, predictably, won praise from the ever credulous and/or complicit media. Just look at the five-star reviews:

“What?” I can hear you asking? “You’ve got to be kidding me? You want U.S. forces to stay in Afghanistan? You’re against Biden’s great plan to get out of Afghanistan?”

My answers, in order, are: “No, I’m not kidding you. No, I don’t want U.S. forces to remain in Afghanistan. Yes, I am against Biden’s proposal because the May 1 withdrawal announced by Donald Trump was better.” Furthermore, it’s time to acknowledge that the U.S. lost. Withdraw by May 1 and thereby speed up the end of this horrible disaster and stop the pointless deaths of more Afghans and U.S. soldiers.

Let me explain. Or better yet, let a former U.S. government employee who worked at one of those three letter agencies do most of the explaining.

There’s plenty wrong with Biden’s plan, even putting aside the fact that CIA employees and civilian contractors will surely be left behind, so this is not a full withdrawal. The main issue is that former President Trump — I’m glad he’s out of office and may god have mercy, or not, on his soul — had a better plan in withdrawing U.S. forces from Afghanistan by May 1, now just about two weeks away.

But Biden and his vapid yet deeply evil Secretary of State Anthony Blinken don’t want to get out on May 1. Why not? Because that was Trump’s plan, and they can’t admit he was right and they also want Biden to get credit for ending the war. No, I’m not kidding you, that’s why U.S. soldiers will be periodically getting killed in Afghanistan between May and September.

Everyone, with the possible exception of Biden, knows that “the leader of the free world” is increasingly brain addled and heading towards levels of senility previously seen in the White House only during Ronald Reagan’s term as president. If Biden survives until 2024, which is very much an open question, he’s unlikely to be able to run for reelection without a perfect body double. Hence, Blinken and others in the inner circle are intent on building Biden’s so-called “legacy” ASAP, and what symbolically could be better than having it include ending the war in Afghanistan before 9/11? Sure, it makes no sense from a military perspective but the media swallowed it like cake.

“Trump announced that troops would be withdrawn on May 1 and that’s what the Taliban agreed to,” the source said. “This is a reversal and that’s how they’ll see it. Blinken and Biden are in denial. The Taliban will start bleeding us if we don’t pull out by that day, especially because there’s no guarantee that the withdrawal will be complete by 9/11. We could be losing 2 to 3 guys every few days after May 1. Our troops are in fixed positions, it’s a bad situation. We could leave Afghanistan the way we left Saigon in 1975, and that’s not a good image.” (See below.)

Like it or not, the Taliban will inevitably take control of Afghanistan and there’s nothing that can be done to stop it. Given that scenario, staying in the country until 9/11 accomplishes nothing and will only prolong the misery and lead to more casualties. If the Taliban attack U.S. troops after the withdrawal is underway, the source said, it might even give Biden a reason to reverse course and keep forces put.

He noted that the Taliban have been working with the Iranian government, which has offered to serve as a mediator “in peace talks between the insurgents and the Afghan government,” as reported by Reuters. Neither Iran, nor China or Russia, would mind seeing the U.S. bogged down in Afghanistan further. “Just because Biden says September 11 is the deadline does not mean that the Taliban, or Iran, have to accept it,” he said.

So what’s a better alternative? I’ll let the source take it from here.

There is no good option but the best plan is to stick with the May 1 date. But the administration’s primary goal is to keep the president from embarrassing himself, so they are juggling chainsaws. What he should do is wish the Afghans good luck and go on national TV and say, “We have no good choices here, but I am the president and it’s not worth one more soldier dying. We’re getting out.” It would play well with the public. We’ve already got 54,000 soldiers in the VA [Veterans Affairs] system. We have lost another war. There’s no way to put a pretty face on it so tell the truth. May 1 is the right date, and it’s the date the Taliban agreed to. If you push that date back it gives the Taliban a powerful narrative, that the U.S. welched on the deal. You don’t plan strategic moves around how history will remember you. Trump told the Pentagon that he was not going to write any more letters to parents telling them their kid had died for a good cause, because that was a lie. Biden needs to do the same thing. The best case scenario under his plan is that more troops will die for nothing. The worst case scenario is Saigon ’75 Redux.

See above.

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