BEFORE YOU SEE STAR WARS RISE OF SKYWALKER, READ THIS! Why Hollywood Sucks: What They Did to Marcia Lucas


Two years ago, following the premiere of the box office smash success Star Wars: Episode VIII-The Last Jedi, we ran our own little trilogy about the more sensational, gossipy, and otherwise-unknown history of George Lucas’s career. (Yes, we know that Lucas sold the franchise to Disney in 2012 and has nothing at all to do with this new trilogy, but that shouldn’t stop a good line of gossip!)

Remember, when we first ran this column, the whole Harvey Weinstein scandal had just broken across the headlines and catalyzed the explosion of the #MeToo movement (credit due to Tarana Burke, who formulated the project as early as 2006). In a nutshell, my argument is that Marcia Lucas, the brilliant editor and wife of George, has been erased from history by an undeniably sexist conspiracy that entails not just the Star Wars auteur but almost certainly infamous grab-ass Francis Ford Coppola and arch-reactionary Clinton cheerleader Steven Spielberg. This is after she saved her dorky hubby not once but at the absolute last minute on all three of the movies we know and love as the original motion picture trilogy that became a major pop culture phenomenon in those halcyon days of the Reagan era. (If it was not obvious after watching his godforsaken prequel films from 1999-2005, Lucas is an at best mediocre filmmaker whose lack of talent is only matched by his egomania.)

How bad? Look at how his original draft of the story was going to look!

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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