Lazy Friday Playlist: Be Kind to Yourself


I’m sending out songs I listen to when I want to be kind to myself, hoping someone else might find a song or two here to do themselves a kindness, too. But when creating this playlist, along with its title, I realized that I wanted — and needed — to be specific about my use of the word ‘kindness’. When I talk about being kind to yourself, I’m not talking about something saccharine or sentimental. The kindness I’m talking about has been, for me, a radical path for shedding years of self-deprivation and outdated thought processes about who I should be as a young woman. It wasn’t always fun, but these songs made that path easier to walk down.

I was an Eagle / Laura Marling (at 4:12)

Birdland / Patti Smith

Dilate / Ani DiFranco

Ghosts / Lonesome Leash

I Know / Fiona Apple

Helplessness Blues / Fleet Foxes

Pensacola / Joan Osborne

The Wind Cries Mary / Jimi Hendrix

Leave / Glen Hansard

Through the Eyes of a Child / Aurora

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As Madonna so eloquently autotune-declareded in the last millennium, "When I call your name, it's like a little prayer." How cool is that?


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