Babylon at the Movies Special: Stephen K. Bannon’s Keynote Address at the Western Petroleum Marketers Association


Steve Bannon is back on the barricades, trying to regroup his white nationalist cadre and launch a new, more disciplined, and much more refined version of his fascist War of Position, a socio-political strategy, derived from the writings of political philosopher Antonio Gramsci.

War of Position is an active effort to gain influence and legitimacy for a political project through cultural means rather than outright force. Gramsci is known for “emphasizing the role of the [political] party in formation of a class, rather than simply representing a class,” according to the Encyclopedia of Marxism.

Bannon’s effort is to therefore develop a cadre that embraces his fascist ideology. I shy away from using that word too often but here is a figure who fits the bill. His project seeks to accomplish what the German economist Rudolf Hilferding described as fascism rose in Germany in 1933, “the fruits of the revolution without having the revolution.”

The aforementioned Encyclopedia of Marxism tells us: The social composition of Fascist movements have historically been small capitalists, low-level bureaucrats of all stripes (petit bourgeoeis), with great success in rural areas, especially among farmers, peasants, and in the city, lumpen proletariat. Meanwhile, fascist leadership invariably comes to power through the sponsorship and funding of big capital. These capitalists along with the top-tier leaders they create become fascism’s ruling aristocracy.

So it is vital for progressives and radicals to pay attention to Bannon’s efforts here. I will be developing further analysis in the coming weeks for your consideration. In the meantime, take note here…

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