Are We Raising A Generation Of “Kent State Gun Girls?” God, I hope not


The “Girl Loves Gun” grift seems to be the new trend on the right-wing propaganda circuit. If you haven’t come across Kaitlin Bennett, you’re missing the gun grift of the year, not to mention an absolute atrocity. This  curly-haired Twitter-made fame seeker with the brains of a dum dum (the candy or the bullet, take your pick) recently graduated from Kent State.

She got everyone’s attention by returning to campus post-graduation to pose for pictures of herself with an AR-10 rifle strapped across a white dress. Bennett looks like she’s about 12 years old, and with an IQ to match.

Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with owning guns and even being proud of your weapons. However, showing off her rifle on a college campus was not Bennett’s end goal, which became evident shortly after her infamous photo shoot.

Turns out, she is just another right-wing provocateur who uses her now elevated platform (138,000 Twitter followers, and counting) to spread lies, misinformation and flat out insanity.

A couple of days ago, Bennett turned the attention of her zombie-like followers to a Twitter reply by Representative Eric Swalwell, to Joe Biggs, a combat vet and gun advocate. Biggs implied that if Swalwell continues to push for a ban on assault weapons, he should expect a war.

If civilians tried to raise arms against the government it would be a short war since the government has nuclear weapons, Swalwell fired back. He added that he was sure the two could find common ground if they sat down and talked.

In an era when social media posts and public statements are routinely distorted and “weaponized” for propaganda purposes, Bennett couldn’t resist chiming in. Ms. Dum Dum retweeted Swalwell’s reply and claimed, “This elected representative just called for a nuclear war against gun owners.”

Folks, this is intellectually dishonest, and we all know it. Second Amendment advocates perennially argue that they have the right to bear arms, especially military grade weapons, in order to protect themselves if the government turns on its citizens.

Sensible people with a brain in their head know the government has a variety of options — drones or nukes, to name two that quickly come to mind — to put down any citizens’ revolt. Pointing that out is not the same as urging the government to attack gun owners,  as Bennett would have you believe.

The only person who is genuinely putting lives at risk is Bennett herself, by deliberately playing into an existing mass hysteria on the right about the government being on the verge of taking away these boys’ and girls’ assault weapons and other toys. Feeding more phony information to these Freak Show reptiles only stokes their delusional paranoia and anxiety. For evidence of how this reckless rhetoric puts lives at risk, look no further than the recent bomb attempts mailed by Loony Tune Cesar Sayok, or the tragic shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh.

A new Machine Gun Barbie pops up almost daily, to the point that it’s hard to keep track of them all. They may seem cute and harmless at first glance, but Bennett falsely suggesting that an elected official favors a nuclear strike on gun owners is anything but, nor is her planting the notion that every American has the right to own nukes. Dumb? Absolutely, she’s literally an idiot. Harmless? Not at all.

Obviously, violence is not the proper reply to Bennett, her cretinous followers and fellow gun nuts. What they deserve is scorn, contempt and mockery.

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