Updated: Are Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton Kremlin Agents? Plus: Sulome Anderson’s Defamation Lawsuit

Is Dan Cohen Jewish?


I wrote briefly about Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton earlier today here at Washington Babylon. Before and after publishing I received alarming news, though it could be nothing more than baseless rumor: Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton are Kremlin agents.

OK, I’m prepared to dismiss the whole thing but the allegation was made to me in an email from a friend. This person wrote:

A few of us are pretty convinced Max’s Grayzone project is funded by the Kremlin (what would Sid think!). Much of its content is repackaged at RT. Not that that’s a big deal, who cares, the real issue is why not be transparent about it?

Grayzone was launched after Max returned from Russia, where he attended that RT anniversary dinner. Following that trip, he and Ben both started changing their tune on Assad and going to bat for Putin at every turn. Ben, the little twit, fucking deleted his articles that contradicted his new found love for Assad. What kind of journalist deletes their old shit that they no longer agree with? You know the answer.

The source also included this link. It’s a Medium story that begins:

In summer of 2014, wannabe-journalist Benjamin Norton began making a name for himself online as a supporter of the Syrian revolution against the brutal dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad. He wrote and published at least 14 anti-Assad blog posts and corresponded with supporters of the revolution through social media platforms Facebook and Twitter.

Speaking of Medium, the journalist Sulome Anderson has made an explosive claim there. She says she has sued Max&Ben for defamation. I can neither confirm nor deny her claim, I’m just reporting the facts. Here is her story, “Why I’m Suing Max Blumenthal and Benjamin Norton.”

Meanwhile, another source writes: “I think it’s fair to ask who funds them. They do a lot of good work but it is posted to RT afterwards most of the time. They also have Dan Cohen working for them, who works at RT.”

This source and several others made allegations about Anya Parampil and Rania Kalek, but I like both of those strong, independent women a lot — despite their apparent terrible taste in boys — so I choose not to cast aspersions on either of them. I trust their integrity, unlike the case of manipulable children like Max, Ben and Dan.


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