All The Single Ladies: Trump-Appointed Puppet “President” of Venezuela Dallies With Intimate Friends While “First Lady” in Miami


Should Juan Guaido, Donald Trump’s puppet “president” of Venezuela be known as his nation’s bogus “commander-in-chief” or its genuine “philanderer-in-chief”? That’s a fair question after intimate photos — obtained exclusively in the U.S. media by Washington Babylon — show Guaido in intimate poses with several female friends during a political event last night at the Hotel Cima in Barinas, Venezuela.

Meanwhile, Guaido’s wife, Fabiana Rosales de Guaido, was reportedly in Miami, where she visits frequently, pretending to be her country’s first lady.

From the looks of things at that Barinas soirée, and I’ve seen other pictures not published here, she may be Venezuela’s third, fourth or fifth lady. Pictured below is a woman named Maria Idalides Cabrera sitting with Trump’s puppet. In the picture below that Guaido is with a woman whose name I cannot confirm. However, it looks like Guaido may have a banana republic in his pocket in that picture too.

Did Guaido and Cabrera go to a private room at the hotel after the event for an even more intimate encounter? I don’t know. All I can say is Guaido sure looks comfortable with her hand so perilously close to his zipper in public.

One thing’s for sure, Trump’s puppet is enjoying his fifteen minutes of fame. But I guess even if Guaido is having affairs with multiple women, which I can’t confirm, it’s nobody’s business but his and his wife’s.

Well, actually, it seems worth noting because he’s invited a priest to open his recent political rallies and espouse good Catholic “values” — just like Florida Senator Marco Rubio does even as he has had sex with many of his students at Florida International University.

Oh, by the way, Cabrera is possibly a friend of Guaido’s cousin. I can’t confirm that but here’s the cousin.

What I can say with near certainty is that Guaido’s wife, pictured below, isn’t smiling today. She may want to consult with a priest before deciding what to do next.

This would be funny if Guaido, his wife and other bloodsucking leeches weren’t Trump’s tools in his effort to overthrow the government of Venezuela.

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