After Destroying Man’s Life, Obama Administration Drops Bogus Case Against Him


I know arms dealers are not generally seen as sympathetic, but you should be worried about the story of Marc Turi. He’s the guy who the Justice Department indicted in 2014 for legally sending weapons to Qatar and the United Arab Emirates but then trying to “illegally” divert them to Libyan rebels who overthrew Muammar Gaddafi.

Turi claimed the shipments were part of a covert operation authorized by the U.S. government when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state. He told Politico that he used the term “zero footprint” to describe U.S. arming of the rebels through friendly Middle Eastern regimes and  says that part of the weapons he sent were diverted to “pro-Western” rebels in Syria.

Now the Justice Department has said it will dismiss charges against him.

That’s great because the charges were bogus. Turi did covert deals for the CIA for years and several former intelligence officers have told me that he was working on the agency’s behalf in Libya. The only reason he was charged, they say, is that the Libyan adventure went south, to put it mildly, and congress was demanding answers about arms shipments to the rebels.

Officially the U.S. wasn’t supposed to be arming the rebels so Turi was sacrificed.

This whole story intervenes (unfortunately) with Benghazi and I don’t want to even go into that, but here’s the capsule summary and explains why you should feel sorry for Turi.

One branch of the Obama administration asked Turi to do something. A few years later another branch decided to prosecute him. A few years after that the Obama administration decides to drop charges against him. During this time, Turi’s house was raided by the Feds, his business was destroyed, and he spent a fortune in legal fees.

Maybe I’m just weird but there’s something about that story that seems wrong.

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