Exclusive: Whistleblower from Major ICE Immigration Detention Camp Exposes Rampant Abuses, Cover Up of Sexual Assaults

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Shortly after my late-2018 reporting trip to ICE’s Adelanto immigration detention camp near Los Angeles, a former guard employed by GEO Group, the private contractor that runs the facility, reached out to me. He reported appalling conditions at the camp and said, among other disturbing things, that employees routinely covered up abuses, including rapes and sexual assaults.

I had two lengthy interviews with the whistleblower, who agreed that I could use the information he provided but declined to give me his real name for fear of retaliation. He cut off communication when I asked — because his stories were so disturbing — if he’d go public or at least talk privately to staffers for members of congress who have been critical of ICE’s operations.

I don’t have the whistleblower’s real name, but he provided me enough details that I was able to independently confirm that he had worked at Adelanto. Since he didn’t agree to go on the record, I’ve omitted details that would make it possible to identify the former guard, who worked at the camp a few years ago.

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