A Listicle: Why I Don’t Care That Trump Put Rosenstein’s Head On Chopping Block


At 2:30 on the afternoon of November 8, 2018, I got a text message from MoveOn.org screaming bloody murder about the ouster of U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who had been overseeing the investigation into Russiagate until he was axed. If there is one certainty in the universe, it is the hypocrisy, hyperbole, and hyperventilation of MoveOn and affiliated congregations of liberal do-gooder cultists (aka #TheResistance).

Courtesy Department of Justice/Public domain

So allow me to count the ways that I don’t give a flying fuck about this:

  1. Rosenstein is a longtime Washington Republican Party legal drone. Like bosom buddy Justice Brett Kavanaugh, he cut his teeth in government service twenty years ago working for Ken Starr in the ridiculous media circus otherwise known as the Clinton Impeachment. Don’t get me wrong. Bill Clinton is a goon and a creep, but the same can be said of just about anyone involved in the investigation/publication of the so-called Starr Report. (Look for it at your local library in the “Legal/Erotic Nonfiction” stacks.)
  2. The underlying logic of this whole production is downright reactionary and deeply dangerous for those who work in immigration and police-prison abolition struggles. These Democratic donkeys are braying in because government is being driven into gridlock — at precisely the moment it should be. Let me try re-stating their case without all the phony spin contributed by CNN: “Oh no, Trump is going to cause chaos in a Justice Department that has been getting ready to ramp up a new War on Drugs and the Poor! Whatever shall we do?!?” How stupid do you have to be to buy this nonsense?
  3. The Democrats just shit the bed yet again in an election that was theirs to win. There were some very noteworthy state-level victories and some important ballot initiatives that showed a serious cultural shift within progressive politics. But it is also obvious that the Democrats very intentionally let their more left-leaning candidates and campaigns whither on the vine and die, such as with Ben Jealous in Maryland. It’s undeniable at this point, the Democrats would rather lose than alienate their Wall Street/Silicon Valley donors. Ergo, the optimal strategy for any serious progressive would be opposition to corporate Democrats who offer no policies that would benefit workers and the poor.
  4. Are we seriously witnessing the Democratic Party base holding nationwide political marches in defense and honor of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, a man named after not one but two Confederate generals?! What next, are Nancy Pelosi and Chuckie Schumer going to announce casting calls for their remake of The Dukes of Hazzard?
  5. Meanwhile in Florida and Georgia, we are witnessing  undeniable and well-documented cases of mass voter suppression and disenfranchisement by the Republican Party. Who the hell cares about Rosenstein, a Republican lawyer appointed by George W. Bush who has a long and ugly track record on civil rights, racism and a slew of other important issues? These people are degenerate scum bags and have been for years. In Georgia and Florida we have activists and organizers involved with third party projects like the Greens who become further disenfranchised by these actions and no one cares.
  6. One of the overall goals of the Russiagate nonsense is to make sure Trump isn’t too “soft” towards Moscow, Beijing, Pyongyang and even perhaps Tehran. Like them or not, they all have legitimate financial and geopolitical interests — or at least every bit as legitimate as those of the United States, a fact that is obvious to any Thinking Person on the Planet (TPotP). Sadly, TPotP is a category that excludes virtually all foreign policy “experts” and journalists, who fervently believe in “American Exceptionalism,” an updated version of Manifest Destiny that holds that the U.S. is “unique among nations with respect to its ideas of democracy and personal freedom.” In short, the U.S. can invade or threaten any nation on the planet and that’s just fine because “Hallelujah, We Are A Beacon To The World.” We’re on the verge of a Dr. Strangelove-style catastrophe that could be caused by all this saber rattling. (Check out Paul Jay’s new series of interviews with Daniel Ellsberg on Reality Asserts Itself to learn a disturbing backstage account of our nuclear weapons program, a frightening set of disclosures like no other that explains how we’ve nearly destroyed life on the entire planet several times now not because of calculated intent but rather due to technical incompetence combined with bureaucratic systemic glitches.)

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