A Former CIA Officer and Hillary Voter Explains, in 82 words, why Servergate Matters


Hillary Clinton campaigns Friday.
Photo credit: Adrian Michael

Servergate is admittedly sort of hard to follow. All we know for sure is that Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar and that the FBI disgracefully opted not to prosecute her for political reasons and that director James Comey will rot in hell for publicly stating that she was guilty but he wouldn’t prosecute her even though he would prosecute others who did the same thing, thereby making official what we all knew already, namely that we live in a lawless country where rules don’t apply to the rich and powerful.

But what, in a nutshell, is Servergate about? I recently spoke with a retired CIA officer who is familiar with security procedures and has followed the story closely. Here’s what he had to say — and I should note that he is a strong supporter of Hillary’s even though he loathes her because he believes Donald Trump is insane, which will be the subject of a different story.

What she did was wrong and it was systematic and egregious. She’s not the first government official to do it  and she probably just did it for convenience because it allowed her to be free of bureaucratic constraints but it’s still wrong. Her server was set up by amateurs. What’s the likelihood that the Russians and Chinese knew about it? Very high. What’s the likelihood they were reading her emails? Very high. What’s the probability she knew they were reading them? Very low.

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