A Case Against Kamala Harris: Steve Mnuchin, for example

Let’s get right to it. All this “Kamala Harris 2020!” talk lately makes me want to vomit.
As a Democrat, it’s a struggle because I would love to be able to support the party’s candidate in every general election but I just wasn’t able to hold my nose and vote for Hillary Clinton. In the same way I won’t be able to vote for Harris if she ends up being the nominee.
There are some people who are so short-sighted they actually think I should’ve voted for Clinton, and should vote for Harris, just because they’re women and I’m also a woman. But the thing is, we’re very different types of women. Clinton has made statements that were anti-sex work in the past, but Harris launched a full-on assault on sex workers in the form of attacking Backpage.
Kamala doesn’t care about low-income trans women or women of color who make their income through Backpage. And I’d argue she doesn’t care about actual sex-trafficking victims because she conflates their victimhood with someone making a choice to sell sex. There’s such a big difference and I’ve always found it baffling that otherwise intelligent people can’t seem to find the distinction.
There’s also the tiny issue of corruption: Harris chose not to prosecute Trump’s Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin’s bank, OneWest, even though her own office found over 1,000 foreclosure violations. Conveniently enough, his wife and his bank donated $15,000 to her attorney general campaign. I’m sure those two things have nothing to do with each other though, right?
Clinton’s Press Secretary Brian Fallon was quoted saying, “If you are attacking Harris right now, the problem is you, not her.” It’s funny because that’s the exact same losing attitude the Democrats had regarding Clinton and it gave us President Trump.
How many morons in the Democratic party were saying the EXACT same things about Hillary, as if she was some perfect candidate, not considering the fact (in 2008) that the base rejected her during the primaries against Obama? Harris has said progressives “can’t afford to be purists” but I’d argue we also can’t blindly accept any candidate that comes our way.
Just because the people who gave us failed candidate Clinton tell us to support Harris no matter what doesn’t mean we should. I’m genuinely hoping the Democrats hold out for a better candidate this time around, one with more progressive values.
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