11 Minutes With Tana Ganeva on Criminal Justice, Joe Biden’s Wretched Immigration Policies and The Intercept

An audio interview, the first in a series of 11-minute rapid fire chats with people carefully selected because they are electric, eclectic, eccentric and always interesting


This is the inaugural edition of a new interview series here at Washington Babylon, called “11 Minutes With…..” whoever we’re talking to on the given day. Our guests will be carefully selected, and will be original, electric, eclectic, eccentric and always interesting — like Tana Ganeva, our first interviewee.

Ganeva is a writer for The Intercept, Rolling Stone and a variety of other outlets. She has done amazing work, primarily at The Intercept, about two extraordinary miscarriages of justice: Michael Thompson, whose case had a (relatively) happy ending, and Fate Winslow, whose case ended in tragedy. Thompson’s story went viral thanks to Ganeva’s reporting at The Intercept.

There’s really nothing more to add other than the 11-minute interview — click the Audio Player just a little below — and a link to a Six Questions interview I did with Ganeva last week in these electronic pages. Oh yeah, two other things. First, this was a second take. I forgot to record Take 1, which was annoyingly stupid on my part but Ganeva took it well and agreed to a Take 2. Second, I timed the interview on my iPhone and cut at 11 minutes and change but the interview somehow ended up at just north of 12 minutes. Not sure why that happened — this is the first and last time I’ll exceed 11 minutes — and also not sure of the sound quality because I haven’t listened to it yet.

But Ganeva is great, and make sure read her interview too. In it, she destroys Cancel Culture Bros like Glenn Greenwald, topic of an upcoming demolition by me, as well as Matt Taibbi, the formerly (and still sometimes) great reporter who unfortunately appears to be slowly morphing into Archie Bunker before our collective eyes. Michael Tracey, too, but he barely merits mentioning. The interview starts now.

Episode 1: Tana Ganeva
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