1/ Donald Trump is exactly the first-rate asshole he claims to be. Refreshingly honest!

2/ The Hillary Clinton also-ran book tour. Priceless!

3/ Is Donald Trump a reckless, dangerous, addled, half-witted cretin? Big time. And yet, Hillary Clinton is a pathological, amoral prevaricator who lies without shame or remorse. Do I love me some black folk? Heavens to Betsy I do, if I’m at a Baptist Church in a campaign year. Do I believe in the mass incarceration of young black men for non-violent crimes? You bet your sweet ass I do, motherfucker, if I’m speaking to a convention of police chiefs.

4/ Donald Trump’s supporters include a fair number of Nazis, Jesus Freaks, Satanists and White supremacists, as well as an unidentified smattering of regular people. Could they be more loathsome than Hillary’s supporters? No, it’s not even close. Trump said his supporters would not waver if he killed someone in the street. (At least that’s my recollection). Hillary’s supporters offer the same blind loyalty, combined with a massive dose of hypocrisy. We’re feminists but when it comes to a woman’s husband, being a sexual predator is a family matter best resolved internally. Fuck you.

5/ Is Trump sucking up to Putin problematic, at least from a technical standpoint? Sure, but let’s never forget that the former Soviet Union beat the Nazis. Legacy matters. And out of Stalin, Lenin and Trotsky, Uncle Joe was the lesser of three evils. Throw in Adolf and he’s the lesser of four. More to the point, Pu(s)t(al)in has played a key role — along with Bashar Al-Assad and Hezbollah— in fighting ISIS. Good for him, it’s more than Obama ever did. And the great foreign policy idea of Hillary — who over the years took far more cash from Russians than Trump (note: citation needed, but I know it’s true) — was to bomb Russian air defense forces in Syria.

6/ Hillary is in far deeper with the Saudis than Trump is. And they are the worst.

7/ Chelsea Clinton. God she is awful. And thank God she will probably never be president because Hillary lost. Let’s leave aside for the moment the Eric, Don Jr. and Ivanka Horror Show. None of those assholes is ever going to be president.

8/ The CIA and FBI are for Hillary. Trump must be doing something right.

9/ The Clinton Foundation is dead. No influence, no peddling.

10/ Donald Trump is hideously, and self-evidently, corrupt. He’s corrupt the way Hillary is a liar. She’s also corrupt and he also lies but it’s their respective No. 2 skills. His penny ante foundation, his hotel and international developments. Come on, Trump, can’t you do better? No, actually, you probably couldn’t. An “A” for effort and integrity. And plenty to write about.

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