Bring in the Militias: Dumbest Response to Portland Killings

The Portland stabbings that took the lives of two men and severely injured another elicited a bizarre response from many people that shows U.S. politics at its ugliest. For many people, the killer’s political affiliations and who he voted for were seemingly more important than the horrible act of violence he committed and the fate of his victims.

Jeremy Christian threatened a Muslim teenager and her friend because he didn’t feel “they” belong here -– a sentiment that unfortunately is felt by many Americans. When three men intervened on behalf of the two young women, they were attacked.

That is, rather obviously, the most important part of this tragic story. Meanwhile, the response of James Buchal, the GOP leader of Multnohman County, was to suggest that he might have to call in militia groups to protect Portland Republicans.

Think about that for a minute.

Citizens were killed for standing up for a Muslim teenager who was threatened. People in Portland are rattled and scared, especially minorities. Yet instead of talking about preventing future hate crimes, this GOP leader wants to call in the Oath Keepers to protect his political partisans.

In a broader sense, the Democratic Party is playing a similar game when members like Nina Turner, who choose to focus on issues such as a living wage, healthcare and job protection, are chastised and attacked for not beating the Russian interference drum. How dare she try to talk about issues and policies with constituents?

This is what we have come to now. Citizens are attacked and murdered and it is the politicians that need protection. A defeated political party prefers to spend its energy promoting a foreign interference narrative that, even if it were true, is a low priority to the people it needs to win back if it ever wants to regain power (at least through the ballot box).

Are we all OK with this?

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