I’ve been working all year on a very cool story that involved travel to Panama, among other places. I am not at liberty to discuss the findings — or to even remotely hint at the topic — but I should be tomorrow. Repeat, should. And you should be reading about it all over the place.

Meanwhile, I give you this photo essay from my trip to Panama, which took place last April and May. All pix by me.

And hopefully I’ll have a lot more tomorrow.

The Trump property. In marketing material, it’s described as looking like a sailboat. To me, it looks like an ugly slab of concrete.
Trump-branded chocolate, left on one of my fluffy pillows for 18 consecutive nights.
Bought purely for educational purposes at shop in lobby.
Restaurant in poor neighborhood of Rio Abajo.
Food at restaurant. Yummy.
Einstein Plaza.
Window of a really cool store that sells Cuban stuff.
Nice place to have a cocktail.
Mmmm, donuts. A cultural outing.


In the Rio Abajo neighborhood.
Street art. Not impossible this is Miami but I don’t think so. Anyone know?
Street scene in wonderful neighborhood of Caledonia.
Yummy. I’m told that’s vegan.
Saks of Panama.
Roberto Duran, local legend. Pic taken at Restaurante El Trapiche.
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