Willie Nelson: "I gotta get drunk I can't stay sober." Merely a coincidence that this is one of the author's favorite songs?

It’s been a busy week here at Washington Babylon. We’ve featured new voices, published exclusive findings of political corruption and trashed the media, even as we feverishly prepare to launch our brand new podcast on November 1. If you guys only knew how hard it is to work with a diva like Ken, you’d already support us at Patreon, which might prevent my future institutionalization. [Editor’s note: Let’s not over-promise. Goals should be plausible and reachable, like our podcast. Cut sentence after “support us at Patreon?”]

In what may have been a senior moment, Ken bestowed upon me the honor of presenting this week’s Lazy Friday Playlist. I apologize in advance if my list is not as eclectic as my esteemed, multilingual editor’s but it’s still pretty solid and you won’t need a translator to figure out the lyrics.

Anyway, let’s pour a glass of red, or whatever you prefer, and enjoy some of my favorite tunes. In no particular order…..

Eminence Front/The Who

Girlfriend is Better/Talking Heads

Ride Me High/J. J. Cale

Like a Prayer/Madonna

Sabotage/Beastie Boys

Unforgettable/French Montana

Straight Outta Compton/NWA

Fascination Street/The Cure

And since I’m a good ol’ Southern girl I’ll add:

I Gotta Get Drunk/Willie Nelson or The Little Willies featuring Nora Jones

Shanty/Jonathan Edwards



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