This photo, apparently taken years ago but only recently found, has been verified by a panel of independent experts. Photo credit: Matt Snow

Just when it seemed like things couldn’t get any worse for Tom Brady, now new and unreported photographic evidence of the quarterback’s ties to Adolf Hitler has emerged. For the New England Patriots, the evidenceĀ presents a dilemma: should they dismiss the serial-cheating Brady or keep him on despite the shocking photographs that were found over the weekend at a bunker outside of Berlin, and reported here exclusively.*

You’ll probably be reading more about this in the New York Times (without attribution, as usual), the Washington Post, Libel and Slander Weekly and other prestige outlets, so without further adieu, here are the photos. Also, just to be clear, Washington Babylon we cover the news but we also like to have fun as well, especially on a slow week when we are overwhelmed with other matters and need to feed the beast.


brady4Rowan McIntyre





Photo credits, in descending order:

Melissa Eckert Garriga

Rowan McIntyre

Rob Stone

Matt Snow

*These photographs were not, in fact, found at a bunker outside of Berlin. They are mock-ups made by a few friends and associates. But everything else in this story is true.

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