For poor people, this is a problem. For Hillary Clinton, it's an opportunity. Credit: WikiCommons

In August, we wrote about how Hillary Clinton used the Flint Water Crisis for political gain and how her “initiative” to help the victims was pure campaign circus.

Now, the Podesta Emails confirm that Hillary’s Flint appearance was about creating a “perception of passion.” Her campaign was looking for more opportunities for the candidate to pose with the plebes in order to make her look more compassionate than her then campaign rival, Bernie Sanders.

In this email thread, campaign consultant Gina Glantz wrote that “the trip to Flint was brilliant” and that “[g]etting ahead” of Sanders on “caring” was an exercise that should be repeated.

There must be any number of low income communities with high rates of asthma or other stuff in South Carolina sitting next to fossil fuel plants belching out toxic material or at least unhealthy fumes. Not on the scale of Flint but for sure to be found all across the country. And there is a federal policy to tie to it as well.

“My goal is to keep her surrounded by and talking to low wage workers,” John Podesta replied. “That’s where her passion comes out.”

So there you have it. For poor people, toxic fumes, dirty water and asthma are health problems. For Hillary Clinton they are photo ops.       

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