Before the debate Monday, the Internet was buzzing about the appearance of Gennifer Flowers allegedly orchestrated by Donald Trump. This was billed to be quite the showdown. Ms. Flowers seated up front so she could stare down Hillary Clinton, perhaps causing the robotic candidate to be thrown off her political game.

However, what the Internet seems to have forgotten, what we all keep forgetting, is that at the end of a political affair scandal, the big loser is invariably the other woman.

Gennifer Flowers came forward during the 1992 Presidential campaign to say she’d had a 12 year affair with Bill Clinton. Of course, Clinton denied all and went on to win the presidency. He would later confess to what he claimed was a single sexual encounter with Ms. Flowers, under oath in 1998 and in his book My Life in 2004.

The fact that Donald (and much of the media) thought any of this would cause Hillary to blow the debate shows just how out of touch he is with politics. At the end of the day, no one cares about the other woman. Politicians caught in high-profile sexual affairs routinely get re-elected. The other woman is dismissed as a gold-digger or fame-junkie or home-wrecker or slut. You’d think Donald would know that by now because he’s surrounded himself by women, including multiple wives, who have been looked at in that way.

There was no way Gennifer Flowers was going to disturb Hillary Clinton, who has her eyes locked on the presidency and who looks down upon Ms. Flowers from the tip of her nose. Gennifer was a mere wallflower in this electoral and media circus. Bill Clinton used her in one way and Donald Trump did in another and both of them, like Hillary, view her with contempt.

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  • It may not have bothered Ms Clinton, but still a total dick move, even if it were false.