Credit: WikiCommons

In the early morning hours Donald Trump, woke up ready to fight. Donald’s 3 a.m. tweet suggested that the former Miss Universe, Alicia Machado, has a sordid past and an alleged sex tape and that “Crooked Hillary” aided in her citizenship.


In doing so, he again took the bait that Hillary, Queen of faux liberalism, tossed his way during the debate. Watching the debate, it seemed peculiar when Hillary mentioned Machado, but of course, like her entire performance, it was all part of a well-planned script. (It was no coincidence that the very next day her campaign released an ad featuring Machado.) And it worked to perfection.

Donald is easy to trigger, as Hillary knows well. Since the debate, we have probably heard more about Alicia combined than we have about trade, taxes and other policies discussed that night. Donald is a misogynist and Hillary set him off and running.

Does it matter that Alicia Machado may have a sex tape? No, it does not. (And according to reports the sex-tape claim is false anyway.)  Does Hillary Clinton care about Machado? No, she’s using her to widen the election gender gap and win over more latino voters.

This election is a disaster. As women, do we choose the faux feminist or vote for a vicious misogynist? It’s an awful choice but I do have some advice for Donald. Next time you wake up at the witching hour, do what everyone else does: raid the refrigerator and STFU.

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