Empty Activism: Thorzito's specialty, though he was probably not at this bullshit event.

“Human rights crusader” Thor Halvorssen, aka Thorzito, is the son of a Venezuelan man also named Thor who was arrested in 1993, charged with murder and given a 30-year sentence. The senior Halvorssen, like his New York-based son, was a member of Venezuela’s rancid old oligarchy.

At the time of his arrest Pops was his country’s “Drug Czar,” which he may very well have been. Pops, who served under the crooked, brutal regime of Carlos Andrés Pérez, aka CAP, claimed he was wrongfully arrested because he had discovered information revealing ties between the Venezuela government and drug traffickers. He was later released and claimed he was tortured in a Caracas prison.

Thorzito’s momma was allegedly, repeat allegedly, shot in the leg at a protest against the repeatedly elected government of Hugo Chavez, who succeeded CAP. (CAP is best known for robbing the treasury blind and the lethal suppression of demonstrations against an IMF austerity program that jacked up bus fares, a big ticket item for Venezuela’s long suffering poor. Hundreds if not thousands were killed; the true number is unknown.

Thorzito, who now runs the bogus Human Rights Foundation, is a fraud. He was allegedly at an anti-apartheid protest in London in 1989 when he was all of thirteen. Our hero!

Little Thorzito’s life seems like something straight out of the movies so it’s no surprise that this modest little man has his own film production company called Moving Picture Institute, in addition to his “Human Rights” group. But much like political affairs in Venezuela, or the most dubious of Hollywood movie plots, things are not always as they seem.

For example, Thorzito recently testified before congress about Russia’s alleged meddling in the 2016 presidential election, in favor, it is said, of Donald Trump. During his testimony he falsely claimed a number of things, for example that a DC firm called Fusion GPS had paid Washington Babylon‘s beloved creator and CEO, Ken Silverstein, to write a very negative story about Thorzito himself.

It is said that Silverstein is hoping — even at this very second, as I write — that congress will call him to testify and make him rich and famous. Thorzito simple made the story up and numbskulls like Tucker Carlson and cretinous neocons — Thorzito is one too — like Lee Smith served as his mouthpieces.

If you really need to understand how corrupt Throzito and his bullsgit group are, please feel free to read this piece by Silverstein. Thorzito threatened to sue but for some reason never did.

You could also go through Human Rights Foundation’s website, where it does not take long to see that the group primarily criticizes “enemies” of the United States (like Venezuela, for example). Basically the group is a pro-U.S. neocon wind-up doll that performs for its paymasters.

If you click on the “Americas” tab you will see a lot of criticism of, to take another example, Cuba. But you won’t see much criticism of a country called the United States of America, to cite another example, even though there is much to be said about the poor human rights record of the USA. Take for instance the illegal detainments that occur in Madison, Mississippi or the situation in Scott County, Mississippi — my home state — where residents were held in jail for over a year without any charges filed.

Mississippi is hard to spot from the Human Rights Foundation’s office in the Empire State Building, but surely this sham outfit must have heard about the extremely cruel and inhumane story of Kalief Browder, which unfolded just 10 miles away at Riker’s Island in New York. Browder’s story is not just a human rights story but an American tragedy. (Thorzito has most definitely heard about the former U.S. oligarch William Browder, his friend and sponsor and great promoter of the whole Russiagate affair. Mark Ames has written about Browder, in addition to the Tweet I just linked to.)

Thorzito is not a human right’s activist, he’s an opportunist and grifter. He lied to congress about Silverstein, which tells you nothing he says can be trusted, about human rights or anything else. And that’s actually true, whether you hate Silverstein or not.



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