Triplets? Separated at birth? Who knows, but the evidence is clear. Credit: Rowan McIntyre

I’m on multiple deadlines but when you have a scoop, you publish it. No way do you wait around and lose the story, especially something this big.

Thanks to Washington Babylon friend and fellow eccentric Rowan Mcintyre, we now have all the evidence we need, and more, to prove the truth about Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Adolf Hitler, the German dictator who started World War II: They are triplets at minimum, or possibly separated at birth.

Rowan has been sitting on the evidence for awhile and we were unable to publish it here due to a technical glitch, but study that photo above, which was recently discovered in Der Führer’s bunker. The conclusion is only too obvious.

What’s worse, I am told, is that the New York Times, Washington Post, Buzzfeed and Mother Jones/ have sought to cover up this information. Why? Only they can answer that and they’re not talking. I guess it’s because they vet everything carefully and would never rush Fake News into print.

Anyway, thank you Dear Rowan and let us know what else you dig up. We here at are here to keep the public informed and not let the media elite block its access to the truth.

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