And you thought I was dead. Photo credit: WikiCommons.

The Internet is full of people begging the question and I am here for them! If they are not sure whether the 2016 Election has concluded yet, I will bring them a dose (of reality). [Note: That crack inserted by my crack editor, Ken Silverstein.] Maybe they are just not sure how to move forward with their lives since 2016? Well, they’re in luck. I drive my car without reverse; forward is my way of thinking and I am here to tell everyone how to follow in my plodding footsteps. [Note: Ditto above.]

My first question comes from a certain Ms. Sally Albright. Sally recently came across a conversation on Twitter and was confused when James Zogby advised her to move on from 2016. Ms. Albright then asked the following:

It appears Ms. Albright is suffering from a question of self-identity, which happens often with people who play the game called Identity Politics. However, this seems more like a question of self-ownership. She knows the truth but appears to have trouble owning it.

Here is my unfiltered advice.

It is important to own who we are, the good, the bad, the ugly, the charmless, the dimwitted. [Ditto above.] So say it aloud Sally, scream it to to moon: I AM A NEOLIBERAL!

Why? Because you support a Democratic Party that works in sync with companies and organizations that relentlessly exploit labor and deny a livable wage to the people your party makes false promises to. You support a particular set of politicians that pocket money from these same companies, organizations and financial institutions so their interests are favored over the voters, which is the very definition of Corporate Prostitution (if that were a real, tangible thing). You don’t have to call yourself a whore, though feel free if you like. [Ditto above, re everything from the parenthesis on.]

I don’t suspect you personally rigged the primary, Sally, but you should acknowledge the fraud perpetrated by the DNC, especially those wrongs proven to be facilitated by Debbie “Does Democracy” Wasserman “Sergeant” Schultz. [Nice line MEG! And good for me for putting in Nazi reference.] It’s healthy for you to admit not everyone on your squad is innocent, otherwise you’ll suffer from guilt-by-association and you apparently have plenty to work through as it is.

Sally, my last piece of advice is legal in nature (although I am not a lawyer nor do I have a degree in Political Science). If you know a crooked, thuggish politician, stop tweeting immediately and report that to law enforcement. Or just inbox all the juicy details to us here at Washington Babylon.

Lastly, let me leave you [Mercifully. Ditto back to when KS was taking credit] with a quote from Brene Brown, one of those self-help folks your type likes. “You either walk inside yourself and own it or you stand outside and hustle for your worthiness.” And you, dear, have lost your hustle.

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